Manage the built world

A lot of detailed information emerges during the life cycle of a built environment, which has enormous added value for owners and administrators of real assets. How can you ensure that information is up-to-date and available when needed? Assetpoint offers long-term information management solutions for infrastructure and real estate assets. When a built environment is serviced at the proper time and in the right way, it stays in shape and retains its value in the present and the future.

Data management throughout the lifespan

Lots of detailed data is created during the lifespan of a built environment. Such data creates important added value for a real estate’s owner and administrator. How can you ensure that data is up to date and available when you need it? Assetpoint provides solutions for infrastructure and real estate data management, from the design phase all the way to construction and maintenance.

A tailored data management solution

AssetPoint Online


A professional product-based solution

AssetPoint Online Enterprise is the right choice for the comprehensive lifespan management of construction sites, starting from design and leading up to construction and maintenance. All functions are integrated into an easy-to-use browser interface.


Centralized data management for owner organizations in particular

AssetPoint Online Pro is an expansion from the Basic level, as it provides a browser-based document management, distribution and user platform for combining and simplifying digital data communications between various players.


Support for real-life data management throughout the lifespan

AssetPoint Online Basic is ideal for organizations for which it is important to own and controllably share data with customers and partners. With the help of our comprehensive service, it is easy to introduce Basic for projects.

Data management solution features

A digital twin of the built model

Location data

Maintenance schedule for the assets

3D instructions for service

Physical documents

Metadata about the asset

3D and mapping interface

Aerial photos of the asset

Controlled data distribution

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