Manage the built world

A lot of detailed information emerges during the life cycle of a built environment, which has enormous added value for owners and administrators of real assets. How can you ensure that information is up-to-date and available when needed? Assetpoint offers long-term information management solutions for infrastructure and real estate assets. When a built environment is serviced at the proper time and in the right way, it stays in shape and retains its value in the present and the future.

A personalized solution to asset management

Real estate and infrastructure assets demand regular maintenance. The relevant information about assets is often scattered and difficult to find. Assetpoint provides a project-specific, digital maintenance log that records how a building, railway, or port was built, how and when it is maintained, and what the value of the asset is. We offer visual and user-friendly solutions for the property manager, maintenance technician, as well as the finance manager responsible for the asset. This way, the information is preserved from one owner to the next.

A personalized asset management solution can entail, for example:

A digital twin of the built model

Location data

Maintenance schedule for the assets

3D instructions for service

Physical documents

Metadata about the asset

3D and mapping interface

Aerial photos of the asset

Building a digital maintenance log

Developing a project-specific asset management solution begins by determining the requirements, from where we can move to choosing a platform, building a digital twin, and designing the interface. We have the know-how and understanding to determine what kind of data are produced by the phases prior to maintenance, like design and construction. With the aid of this information, our clients can manage their asset and take care of it in a way that will retain its value for even a hundred years.

Support services and training

Our experts are proficient in all aspects of the life cycle of a built environment. We apply this synergy to the benefit of the client by offering extensive and tailored maintenance, training and support services, according to client needs.

Assetpoint is part of Point Group

Assetpoint is a part of Point Group, which also includes Buildpoint Oy, a company that provides building construction software and professional services, and Civilpoint Oy, which provides software and professional services for the infrastructure sector.

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